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ClassTag is the only app that transforms how you connect with parents, saves time on communication and brings in free supplies for your class.

ClassTag is totally FREE. For everyone.

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You’re on a mission to see every child reach their potential.

But reaching some parents is tough...

You have to spend half your time on communication and admin...

And you spend your own salary to get students what they need...

Until now.

ClassTag supports you, as you support the next generation.

Reach Every Parent

Discover A Simpler, Easier Way To Communicate

You send a message, directly to a parent or to the class. Parents automatically receive it however suits them.

  • Automatic translation into 50+ languages
  • Automatic conversion to email or text based on preference
  • Available on any device

Get Confidence And Clarity

  • See who’s in the loop and who’s read your messages
  • Get notified when contact details are out of date
  • Know when to send a note home to hard-to-reach parents with automatic suggestions.

Everything You Need For Parent Communication
In One Easy-To-Use Tool

Now You Can Finally Get Your Students What They Need And Keep Your Salary

Family-friendly brands want to support teachers like you. They do so through ClassTag as classroom supporters.

Here’s how it works:
You use ClassTag for parent communication
You accumulate “ClassTag Coins” as you engage parents through ClassTag
You then redeem your ClassTag Coins for free supplies and resources for your class

Save Time On Non-Teaching Stuff

ClassTag is your virtual classroom assistant
Automatic weekly newsletters
Automatic follow-ups and reminders to parents
A suite of tools to make organizing events a joy

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ClassTag is totally FREE. For everyone.