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Family support is vital to student success.
Make parents your partners with ClassTag.
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Streamline all communications and scheduling
Create personal relationships
Achieve results
Streamline all of your communications and scheduling, develop personal relationships
with parents and achieve the results you've always wanted.

Streamline all communications & scheduling

Teachers can organize events, get volunteers, schedule parent teacher conferences, send beautiful automated newsletters, share important announcements and fun learning moments with parents - all in one place
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Create personal relationships

Trust is the foundation of effective family support in your classroom. Parents can share their interests by completing a fun quiz and give you unique visibility into who they are and how they can be of help.
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Achieve results

Teachers have complete visibility into family support in their classroom: who is reading your announcements, who is volunteering and who hasn’t been paying attention for a while. Take targeted actions with one click.
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Bring your school community together

Now you can take amazing parent engagement school-wide, absolutely free! As a Parent Leader or School Administrator you can organize all your classrooms in a few clicks, gain unique visibility into parent engagement and share your school stories that go straight into the classrooms you want, ensuring everyone reads them.

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Ms fugazzi
"ClassTag is simple, effective, and efficient. It allows classrooms to build communities and form relationships between teachers, parents, and children."
Ms. Fugazzi,
Kindergarten, Success Academy Hell's Kitchen