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ClassTag is FREE for parents and teachers.
“ClassTag is transformational. I have never seen this level of parent engagement. A must have tool for every teacher!"
Rebecca Karow
1st grade teacher, Success Academy Charter Schools

Connect with More Families in Less Time

Everything you need for family engagement in one easy-to-use platform:

Announcements reach every parent email in your directory, even before they accept your invitation to join ClassTag.
Automated Weekly Newsletters
They literally write themselves, automatically adding upcoming events and highlighting helpful parents.
Class Calendar
Notify parents of key events, dates and activities. View RSVPs and save time with ClassTag’s automatic reminders and follow ups.
Sign Ups
Easily request volunteers, donations, items or anything else.
1-1 and Group Messaging
Reach out to parents in the same platform you use for everything else – no more need to constantly switch between different apps!
Organize your next parent-teacher conference in under 5 minutes. You won’t believe how simple it can be!

Getting started is super simple
It's as easy as 1, 2...

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Add your students in minutes

Directory set up is super simple; you can even copy and paste from other documents.

Invite class parents in an instant – with options to suit your classroom
  • Copy/paste from other sources
  • Print invitation flyers for backpacks
  • Add or edit individual members

Parents and teachers alike love ClassTag

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ClassTag is FREE for parents and teachers